Thursday, March 14, 2019

Become a Mentor with ANY to Support First-Generation College Students

An entrepreneur who has contributed to think-tanks ,such as the National Committee on American Foreign Policy and the Carnegie Council, Priam Sen serves as chairman of Monarch Holdings. Also committed to philanthropic efforts, Priam Sen supports organizations such as America Needs You (ANY).

Created to assist first-generation college students, ANY offers its Fellows Program for those with professional ambition but limited financial resources. A two-year program, it provides career-development services through numerous professional workshops, networking and support services, and one-on-one mentorship.

Those interested in becoming mentors for the ANY Fellows Program can apply through the organization's website. Eligibility requirements include a college degree, at least three years of work experience, and availability to attend the Saturday career-development workshops. Additionally, candidates must have a desire to guide college students in developing themselves personally and professionally.

Currently, ANY needs mentors in California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. For more information about the program, visit

Friday, February 22, 2019

An Abbreviated History of the Carnegie Council

Priam Sen serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Monarch Holdings that leverages opportunities across multiple global markets. Throughout his career, Priam Sen has been involved with numerous think tanks, including The National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP), the Foreign Policy Association, and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs traces its roots to 1914, when industrialist Andrew Carnegie brought a diverse group of religious leaders to New York City with the goal of enhancing global moral leadership and reducing armed conflict. As circumstances dictated, the group's first international event coincided with the beginning of World War I, but it nevertheless earned a strong international reputation for implementing programs and spurring discussions dedicated to resolving international conflicts peacefully.

Following World War II, the organization helped to shape the United Nations and launched efforts to eliminate nuclear proliferation. It focused its attention on the dangers of the moralistic structure of United States foreign policy in the 1960s. To spread its thought-provoking content, it established the Public Affairs Program and the monthly publication Worldview.

The organization went by the name the Church Peace Union (CPU) until being renamed the Council on Religion and International Affairs (CRIA) in 1961. In 1986, it took its current name, Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affairs (CCEIA). Today, the group continues to provide guidance on world affairs to a global audience of international affairs professionals, teachers and students, journalists, and the public.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

ACE New York's Project Stay

Priam Sen is an entrepreneur who has belonged to think tanks such as the National Committee of American Foreign Policy, the Asia Society, and the Carnegie Council. Among other philanthropic pursuits, Priam Sen supports the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE) New York.

Founded in 1997, ACE New York serves more than 600 New Yorkers through its various programs. For instance, Project Comeback is a vocational rehabilitation program, while Project Stay builds on those skills by providing graduates with continued lifelong support in order to stay employed. Workshops cover topics such as time management, work-life balance, and communication skills, with both group and one-on-one counseling available.

The programs are funded by tax-deductible donations. A donation of as little as $75 covers computer lab supplies for program graduates, while a $1,000 donation helps to sponsor a Women in the Workforce Engagement event for 25 Project Comeback participants or graduates and their daughters. Donations also support catering for career days and cover the cost of various courses and exams.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Two NAMM Programs That Support Young Musicians’ Learning and Growth

Investor Priam Sen is the chairman of Monarch Holdings, a firm that invests in organizations across various industries. A lover of music, Priam Sen supports the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). 

NAMM operates various programs aimed at educating young musicians and presenting them with opportunities to increase their chances of success. Two of these programs are NAMM Young Professionals (NAMM YP) and The Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) program.

NAMM YP is a network of young music industry professionals under 40 years of age. Members receive access to exclusive NAMM YP events where they get to forge lifelong partnerships with peers and learn from industry veterans. NAMM YP is also working on a mentorship program that will match members with industry professionals for a year, helping young professionals develop under the guidance of commercially successful musicians and others in the music industry. 

BCME, meanwhile, is a program that recognizes schools and school districts that support music education. The national recognition program gives schools the tools to increase their visibility, advance their music programs, and increase music curriculum access among students.

Monday, September 24, 2018

HOBY Offers One-Day Leadership Workshop for High School Students

Semi-retired after working with companies in a diverse range of industries and contributing to several think tanks on foreign policy, Priam Sen serves as chairman of Monarch Holdings. Priam Sen is also a dedicated philanthropist who supports organizations such as the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) program.

Since its establishment in 1958, HOBY has empowered youth to become community leaders and commit themselves to selfless service. The organization offers leadership training to high school students nationwide through programs such as the Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW).

A free, one-day program that introduces high school freshmen to leadership principles, CLeW enables participants to engage in a variety of group activities and service projects in their community. These workshops are developed and implemented through collaboration with local civic groups, business leaders, HOBY alumni, and volunteers.

For more information, contact local HOBY groups or e-mail A list of HOBY affiliate seminars is available on the organization’s website.